Following the purchase of a new premises it is important not fall foul of Licensing Laws by ensuring that the licence is transferred into the new individual or company’s name.

The outgoing Premises Licence Holder needs to provide a signed consent permitting the transfer, as this forms part of the application process.

However, consideration can sometimes be given if there is no way of contacting them.

As licensing specialists we understand how difficult and time consuming this can be, which is why we are here to help. Call us today for free advice.

The Process

There will be times where you will need to be aware of potential threats to your licence. It is important to note that should the Premises Licence Holder become insolvent, lose their right to work in the UK, become mentally incapacitated or die, the licence would lapse within 28 days. This would mean any authorised licensable activities that are included on that licence will no longer be permitted. Therefore, an application to transfer needs to be submitted within the 28-day time frame. We take time to understand you and your business, placing us in the best possible position to advise you when something changes.

Additionally, there may be the requirement to vary the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). 

For the sale of alcohol to be permitted at a premises you must have a designated premises supervisor (DPS). 

The DPS should ideally be the person who is going to be in day-to-day control of the sale of alcohol. 

The person will be named on the premises licence. If there is a requirement to change the DPS this is done by submitting an application to vary the DPS, a consent form signed by the individual forms part of the application.

Please contact one of the team for advice free of charge.

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