A Premises licence is required to allow the sale of alcohol along with any regulated entertainment and the provision of late-night refreshment.  All Premises Licences are unique to each premises.

Getting a licence that is fit for purpose on the first application is essential, this is why at Licensing Consultants UK we put in the extra work to ensure the licence is treated fairly and any conditions required are proportionate to the premises type.

The Process

Free consultation to identify the clients’ requirements, which will include contacting the relevant Local Authority to identify any potential licensing issue with the premises. 

Once this information has been obtained one of the team will be able to give a comprehensive break down of the complete cost. 

Including Local Authorities application fees and all advertisement fees.

Mediation with the Licensing Department and other Responsible Authorities to obtain an operating schedule that is satisfactory for both the business and the Responsible Authorities to work towards a successful application.

The submission of the application along with all public notices.

During the 28-day consultation period the Consultant will be available to mediate with the client and any Responsible Authority with regards to any representations received.

Should there be a requirement for a Licensing Hearing the consultant dealing with the application will attend the Local Authority to act on the clients behalf. In the unlikely event that an appeal has to be raised with the Magistrate Court the Consultant will also be available to submit the appeal application and attend court to represent the client.

Once granted a consultant will contact the client to fully explain any licensing conditions and any future responsibilities that may be required. The Licence will then be issued recorded delivery and electronically to the client with comprehensive information informing the Premises Licence Holder of their responsibilities in the future.